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I've always loved nature. When my family moved out to the suburbs in the country, we had a large yard which evoked my dad to take on gardening. It became his passion and I remember him working out there from dawn to dusk. He entered garden shows and everyone who came to our house was in awe.

Moving out of the nest and into apartments was depressing as I was not used to the dull views and noise. Finally we moved to a townhome with a small yard but it still wasn't enough to satisfy my urge to garden and wanted to desperately move back to my family home which my parents had hoped I would move into and raise my children when the house got too big for them. In summer 2012 we moved into what I like to call my "forever home" which has 1/2 of an acre of land and a blank palette which I have been dying to sink a shovel into. I finally feel like I am at home!!

This winter is the longest winter ever and I currently have 12 books checked out from the library all dealing with landscaping, shrubs, trees, conifers, hostas and vegetable gardens. I have dozens of sketches and I've traipsed back there in the cold of winter many times taking measurements and making outlines in the snow of future gardens.

My vision for my backyard oasis is comprised of a variety of conifers and small trees for privacy with the ground cover consisting of ferns and hostas. I have a small collection of each which was given to me in fall of 2012 when my dad divided his. I also envision a flagstone pathway that runs between the gardens, from back to front. Cost for this is estimated a whopping $7000 though so it may be a mulch pathway for the next couple of years since I'd rather be buying plants!

Praying for Spring to come early but in the meantime I am further educating myself on gardening and the many, many plants that will eventually make their way into my heart and home/garden!

I live in: Canada

My zone is: 6

My Birthday is January 25 .

My favorite forum 1 is Landscape Design.

My favorite forum 2 is Hosta.

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