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Hi there! I'm supposed to tell you something about myself. Well, let's see...I'm a volunteer firefighter & EMT at my local firestation & love every minute of it! I've been a civil war reenactress for 18 yrs. We're beginning our 2nd season with the Cavalry & we have 4 horses...1 Appaloosa & 3 Haflingers. I love all things crafty & my unorganized craft room is testament to that fact. In my youth I was a professional singer & dancer...I no longer dance, but I do still blurt out a pretty good song around the campfire now & again. My project for this year is my yard. When we bought this house I was very excited about the oversized flowerbed that juts out from my covered front porch. Three years later, it has become my hell on earth! What to do with this massive thing? So far, I've removed all hardscapes & devoid of nearly all vegetation & am starting from scratch. My first accomplishment was convincing my hubby to put in a fishpond for Mother's Day, which he did & completed a week later. I spent a whopping $5 on 20 goldfish from Walmart today...we shall see which of them are the hardiest. Otherwise I'll keep buying the 28 cent fish till I get a nice "school" growing & thriving. In convincing hubby to do the pond, I had to compromise & settle for a smaller pond than I originally wanted. My next project for the big bed is to recreate a scape that I saw at a park. A fairly large mound of dirt, 3 birdhouses attached to tree branches at varying heights with lots of flowers blooming around them. At the same time, I am planting hydrangeas along the foundation wall (questions to follow about them). Then it's just a matter of filling in the voids of my main focal points. A few weeks ago, we also planted 2 blooming dogwoods, 2 peach trees & 2 apple trees. The dogwoods look like they are burning up & the apple trees are dropping yellowed leaves with spots on them, so I'm guessing that the apple trees have some sort of disease, which I will ask about later. I'm happy to report that the peach trees are doing great with lots & lots of itty bitty peaches growing. I also have 5 brick rings with 5 different rose bushes. I'll have questions about them too. In short, I'm gonna have lots of question about all my gardening so be prepared to have your brains fried & your patience tested...LOL.

Happy Gardening,
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