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In a small greenhouse I have a number of different plants. Amoung these are Sansevierias, Beaucarnia, many varieties of both Cacti and succulents, Stapelia, Dracaena, Epiphyllum,Dieffennbachia, Ceropegia, Chlorophytum, Bromeliad, etc.
Usually, I buy plants and propagate from cuttings or offsets. I have grown from seeds a few times.

My sister, mother and aunt also have a number of plants. My sister puts together succulent planters and sells them.

I have been collecting plants since the seventies, when my mother bought a terrarium for my birthday.
My husband enjoys hearing about my plant acquisitions and accomplishments and has learned quite a bit about plants by osmosis, in fact he bought the greenhouse last year to replace my old one, which he built from scratch.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6 KY

My favorite forum 1 is House Plants.

My favorite forum 2 is Sansevieria.

First registered on October 09, 2003 .