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This is an experimental project taking place in San Diego (1 Jan 2011 - 31 Dec 2011) with the goal of being able to feed all members of the work team SOLELY from the products of produce and food raised in an somewhat impacted urban environment. Oh yeah, and we’re asking for a $50 donation to join but it is optional. The rest of the project after the initial investment should be pretty much free. The areas we’re farming include Normal Heights, Kensington, City Heights, Hillcrest, Mission Hills, Bankers Hill, North park and City Heights. People from out of the area can take part - we’re just locating our growing areas in these places.

The seeds we are using are all heirloom/open-pollinated (aka: "OP") which means that they can be gathered each season and planted again the following year and the plants will be pretty much the same. (This is as compared to "hybrids" where if you gather seeds from the harvest and re-plant the following year, the "crop" will be much different from the parents, possibly not even so good to eat). Heirloom seeds are natural and not genetically-altered/modified (aka: "GM") and we will also be showing that genetically-altered plants are not necessary in order to have a ighly productive garden/farm.

It’s our hope that we will succeed and be able to inspire and/or work with others to set up similar local farms, to encourage flower-bagging in order to prevent cross-pollination with nearby GM strains (contamination with these strains gets you into legal issues with genetics companies so), and to educate ourselves and our community on the techniques that worked (and didn’t work so well).

We are now looking for spaces to "farm" in the areas of San Diego around Normal Heights (Kensington, Normal Heights, University Heights, Bankers Hill, Mission Hills, Hillcrest, North Park and City Heights). These mini-farms will not be farmed as one crop but they will - rather - resemble large personal vegetable gardens so give us a call if you have space we can rehabilitate and plant up! We are also seeking members of the work team (you can be from any area you like - the beds are the only things located in the target area). We ask a $50 donation (to get tools, etc) to join BUT anyone, regardless of if they have $50, is welcome - we plan to have fundraisers.

We want to involve YOU - even if you have a black thumb and kill every plant you touch. We will train you in gardening and farming techniques - usually people with "black thumbs" are making one specific tiny error (like how they add water to the plant, how much, etc) which can be remedied with education! We also have a need for people with skills, both garden/farm and other areas (construction, computers, anything - there are many ways to contribute to this project).

Feel Free to visit our website http://sandiego.agriculturaldemocracynow.com/urbanfarm/Mid-City - next meeting is 10.30am at Lestat’s Coffeehouse Saturday 4 September (3343 Adams Ave 92116). Come! Bring your ideas! Or just bring yourself and your desire to participate! If you cannot do this meeting, there are more, so just contact me!

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