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Here’s a little something about me. I really enjoy tropical fruits. As crazy as it sounds, I plan to one day fruit a mangosteen and durian here in California. My second interests is in variegated bananas. I am slowly growing my collection but I hope to some day have one of the largest collection of variegated Musas in North America.
Well Jan 2007 was very harsh on my tropicals. Many plants were lost including several mangosteens and durians. It looks like I will be restarting from ground zero. But nonetheless I’m more familiar with mangosteens now than ever and still foolishly believe that I will certainly fruit one sometime in the future.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z10soCal LBC

My favorite forum 1 is Tropical Fruits.

My favorite forum 2 is Asian Vegetables.

First registered on January 16, 2004 .