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Edward Carl Thirlwall is young, enthusiastic and highly motivated, and it shows in everything that he does. He is currently based in Sydney, overseeing the daily operations of the Eastern suburbs franchise outlets of Supercheap Storage in Sydney.

Edward spends his off days with his young family in Sydney, just taking his 2 kids around town to take in the sights, or down to the beach to wade in the water and surf in the waves. Their family keeps active and they love outdoor activities besides going down to the beach - they also enjoy walking in the country and trekking in the mountains. It’s all a really happy picture of wonderful family life!

And Edward has got a lot to be happy about too! The Supercheap Business has been taking off in leaps and bounds ever since its establishment in 2008. Since then, it has expanded to include outlets and franchises across Australia in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and there are even talks about ventures into Beijing, China!

Supercheap storage facilities Australia has a winning formula that started off with a simple idea of combining a relocation service with self storage. Typically relocation services help you bring things from one place to another and storage services help you to keep your things safe. Nobody ever thought of mixing the two into one convenient service until Supercheap Storage came about.

Supercheap Storage has only aimed to bring convenience to its customers by reducing the amount of effort needed to get things from your house or office to the storage facility. We’ll make everything so much easier by just bringing the whole facility to you instead! With our ultra portable storage units which are made of industrial quality plywood, we’re able to bring across your storage units to your premises so that the process of loading your items into the storage unit is sped up.

You don’t have to worry about whether your items are going to fit in the storage unit either because our specialists have helped you to calculate the volume of your items and hence the corresponding amount of space (and the number of storage units) that you’ll need. You don’t have to worry about having accidentally left something at home either because, hey! Guess where we are right now!

More importantly is that because we’ve got our Mobile storage Modules Sydney right at your convenience, you can see exactly how your items are going to stored once the unit is back on our Supercheap Storage premises - exactly as they were loaded under your nose at your location. In fact, you can purchase your own padlock (or we can provide you one) so that you can personally lock up your belongings inside the storage unit before our professionals start the transit back to our facilities.

At Supercheap Storage, we’re all about helping you to an efficient and personalised storage solution that you never knew you could achieve with the traditional methods. Trust us when we say you won’t have regrets contracting us. Whether your storage needs or big or small, you can count on Supercheap Storage to take you to the next step in convenient and effective storage,


I live in: Australia

My Birthday is September 24 .

First registered on April 25, 2013 .