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I wish I had listened to Grandma 40 years ago! She knew flowers!

I have been married 39 years, we have two children. Our son moved home 3 years ago to be my primary caretaker as he could continue running his computer business from here.

I am a type A personality used to working 70 hour week management positions. Four years ago, I suddenly could not get out of bed without help. I had never been interested in gardening or flowers, but discovered I could weed and planted a raised bed my husband built for me. My total activity is limited to about 2 hours a day, broken into smaller segments with rest periods. But I must have something to do that is productive.

We tried all sorts of methods to get me around and up and down last year, I can carry perhaps 5-7 pounds. I have a variety of home made sleds, wagons and seats to allow movement with as little pain as possible. They guys do all the heavy work, digging, mowing and such.

The garden he built last year is lovely but did a number to the visual balance of the front yard. This year he will do a larger deeper stone garden to help balance the front. This will be a discrete memorial garden to my 2 sisters, 2 neices, and mother who all left us from July through February 25th. This is my main reason for interest in perennials. I want this to always look nice, even if Ihave such a bad year, I can do little. Hopefully that will never happen, but I never thought I would be disabled from illness at 55 years old either.

Please do not consider this a sob story, I am in deep grief but will work my way through it. Flower gardening, which I have never done, seems to answer many needs for me. I even managed to bring inside a good number of annuals last fall and baby them through the winter, so they can go back out again. My husband just purchased and assembled a green house for me. This is way beyond what I know anything about, so would appreciate any suggestions for how and when to use a green house. LOL

Last of all, I will talk your leg off, sorry this is so long.
Regards, Edana

I live in: United States

My zone is: Z5 SWofBoston

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