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Hello, My name is Dusty.. I live in Central New York where the winters are long and cold!! I try to cheat and say I am a zone 5.. but in reality I am probably a zone 4.. I play with the micro climates and that help's tons!
I garden mostly for wildlife.. and have witnessed first hand the efforts! When I first moved in here, we didn't even have birds.. It was barren tundra! The land looks complately different and it's nice to see the critters finding new homes here! When I first started planting, I used a book, "Birdscaping Your Garden" for my start.. wonderful, just wonderful!! Birds abound here, like never before! For the first time, this year(2004) I had a flock of Cedar Waxwings chow down on my Hawthorn berries.. what a sight!! Such beautiful birds!
I don't use petsicide chemicals in the gardens but prefer to reply on nature to run it's course.. as a result, hosta's look horrible.. but I'll take those slug holes any day over killing potential toad food! My solution has been to rid my gardens of those unsightly(Hostas) things anyway! And yes, the snakes have their homes here also.
I also don't understand folks looking to have a butterfly garden yet complain when the caterpillars eat host plants!?? Hello.. did I miss something here? No.
Gardening atttracts wildlife and I truely feel, if you are not gardening for wildlife, you'll have a lot of frustration. "Build it and they will come." This has never been more true than our gardens.
I seem to always be doing something in the garden's.. this year was a major re-vamp! I took out all my stone walkway's, widened them and made more.. They're now mulched.. so much easier to deal with this way! And I just love them!!
I've met some wonderful people here on GW and look forward to meeting many more over the years!
Happy Gardening Everyone!

I live in: United States

My zone is: z4/5 NY

My favorite forum 1 is Carnivorous Plants.

My favorite forum 2 is Wildlife Garden.

First registered on May 30, 2001 .