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I am fortunate to live in the same house that I moved into when I was a child many years ago. The house came with a number of plants around it and I know those that are still there are over 40 years old because we moved in 45 years ago. These include lilies, peonies, lilacs, tulips, virginia creeper, and creeping bellflower. We also have a few spruce trees planted by my parents about 35 to 40 years ago. The rest of the stuff I planted. I'll try just about anything as long as there is some assurance that it will grow in my zone. I have had about as many failures as success (been there, killed that). My favorite plants are those that I "saved" such as the beautiful gallica type rose that was growing across the street it a vacant lot. Soon after I dug some out to plant in my yard, the bulldozers came through and turned the whole thing into mini-storage units. I also love the cuttings of roses that I didn't expect to grow and other plants that I dug out of abandoned homesteads and vacant fields. I grow vegetables and all kinds of flowers. I also grow succulents and cacti as house plants as well as a few herbs and scented geraniums. I stay away from other houseplants because the cats destroy them by eating them and /or knocking them over! I share my home with a sister and 3 large dogs and 8 cats.(Would love to share information on co-exisiting with dogs in the garden). I would like to raise a few chickens for eggs and manure for compost if I could only figure out where to put them!

I live in: United States

My zone is: 4b WI

My favorite forum 1 is north.

My favorite forum 2 is namegal.

First registered on June 08, 2001 .