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Hello, I'm an electronics engineer, father and husband. As a kid, I gardened every chance I could, starting at an early age. For the last 15 years I haven't been able to have more than a few houseplants, being in the military then small apartments. Last summer I bought a Phal and a Dend at the Hillsboro orchid show that quickly became NOID. I had no idea that I might need SPECIFIC instructions for the plants?!? They sat in a shaded south window all winter, then we moved to a new house. Needless to say, now that I owned my own home I was going to start gardening again. My garden/landscaping plans coincided with the spring orchid show, so I attended with some other couples. I think I bought over 20 plants that day, and went back the next and came home with almost that many again. (I was just looking for 1 or 2 orchids that would live year-round in my garden). Those orchids are still doing well, though a couple are in a funk as I can't seem to keep my humidity above 50% for long. Over all, I think they are very happy to be helping me learn how to care for them. As for the first two orchids, the phal couldn't handle the cold window and very low humidity over the winter and died. The dendrobium started a new growth at some point this winter in the old house, and as I didn't water it but once every three weeks to a month with the rest of the plants (hence the dead phal) it never grew well. Once in my new growing area and house, another baby started, and is now tall, fat and happy. The old cane started spiking last month, and today is opening it's first of 10 blooms. That is doubly exciting, as we got that plant out of bloom, and don't know what it will look like! Yesterday, I looked between the new leaves on the almost mature cane, and there is a spike emerging there too! This plant went into lava 4 months ago, and has almost filled the pot with new roots! I'm looking forward to many more sucesses, and sharing my experiences with you all on this forum. Andrew

Here are links to pictures of that Dendrobium I mentioned above. Don't know how to make a real link, sorry. Just copy and paste to the browser address bar. Enjoy!

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