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Moved from Matthews(south of Charlotte)to Weddington(Union County)in 2004. From an elevated thin soil over sandstone lot to a flat lot just off the flood zone of Six Mile Creek.
New construction and they cleared it of every tree except for what is in the bit of forested rear yard.

Managed to get a lot with the same sun orientation as the other house but I hadn't considered the deep shade the neighbors homes (built after mine) would cause. I'd planned to move lots of plants from the other yard to here but most won't work with such hard shade.
So, now I have some woodlands to play with, some wet spots that certain plants will adore and a clean slate to work with.
A year before moving, I began buying trees and shrubs of the unusual sort and types that aren't usually bothered by deer. New wrinkle..deer to contend with. Thought we'd fence the rear yard but didn't want to disturb the unlimited view into the forest.
I chose good tree and shrub varieties but can't plant most of them until I have someone come redo the durn sprinkler system. Landscaper went overboard with sprinkler heads. 11 zones..on a less than half acre lot??? But that's better than having too few heads I guess.
Can't do the front beds until I get out there and remove all the mulch, pull the soakers and mini-shrubs, till out the plow-pan, add soil(good soil) re-assemble everything and re-mulch.
Almost easier to move again.
Love Garden-Web. What a great source!

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