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Newbie veggie gardener (my own anyway). Mom of 3 who keep me VERY busy! I started the veggie garden this year for the animals mostly-rabbit, turtle, and dog (yes, my dog LOVES veggies just not parsley since he knows it gives him fresh breath! LOL!), but I've added a few things for the family-peas especially for my daughter :) I recently discovered SFG and wish I had discovered it before I started this year!
We have over an acre of land in the woods but have cut down at least 18 HUGE pines to get "some" sun. We now have plenty, but hubby wants nothing but golf course looking grass! So, I'm hoping after the success of my garden this year he'll let me have a few more spots for my new SFG boxes that I'm already planning for next year :)

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First registered on June 24, 2006 .