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We've been in Tampa for the better part of 15 years. Zone 9b is tricky, since we do typically get a few sub-freezing nights during the winter. Almost everything does well if it can be moved indoors (the garage with a lamp left on works) or covered (uncover during the day to allow ground to absorb heat).

Of course "everything" includes the weeds: carpet grass, nutsedge, bahia (in the St. Augustine). And the bugs of course. And the fruit rats.

Two ways to have a beautiful lawn in Tampa: re-sod every other year, or just follow the rule "if it's green, mow it". I've chosen the latter.

Large tropicals, like in-gound Plumeria, can be a problem. I have one tree near my patio that is about 12' high and 15' across, much too large to cover. When I expect a freeze, I roll the Weber over near the trunk, put on a *large* cast iron pot with water, and leave it on low over night. Thta side suffered no damage, though the side away from the grill dis lose some limbs. Guess I'd beter get another grill!

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My zone is: 9b

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