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I have varied and checkered experience in many areas good to know around the house from appliances to remodeling to gardening. My son and nieces erroneously think that I know everything about everything! (Emphatically !NOT!) I do, however, believe firmly that the only dumb question is the one not asked, and that the person ridiculing an asker is engaging in self-embarassment, having forgotten what it is like to be in the asker's shoes.

About the handle "Dieseldame"...
I support the safe use of heavy-duty vehicles in interstate commerce. I am also not pleased with the amount of visible pollutants created by the use of diesel fuel. I advocate the use of B100, a 100% replacement for diesel fuel made from any fresh or recycled vegetable or animal oil. This fuel can be run in any engine engineered to run on diesel fuel WITHOUT MODIFICATION. It also does not create the visible pollution diesel does, is more power efficient, cheaper to produce, and would DRASTICALLY improve the US energy independence situation. Now, if I could only buy B100 in the Central Texas area (I may have to build a distillery...).

I live in: United States

My zone is: Central TX

My favorite forum 1 is Appliances.

My favorite forum 2 is Texas Gardening.

First registered on September 10, 2003 .