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My favorite color might be red but I love any vibrant color. Pastels are rather boring to me. I collect mostly people. For some reason, I have been blessed with many friends and family.
I have been growing flowers as long as I can remember, I guess when I first figured out that if you are planting flowers, your mother does not view what you are doing as playing in the dirt. I find gardening relaxing and I am trying to have flowers in my yard year round. That is quite a feat in the State of Maine and I have not been successful yet but that is okay. I still have not found anything that will bloom in Maine in the winter. If anyone sees this and knows of anything, let me know. I married, sold my house, moved to a new home much closer to the ocean and life is wonderful. I moved most of my flowers with me and have been unable to reunite any of my daylilies with their names so I do not bother. I have some seedlings that I am hoping will flower for the first time this year. They are about three years old and I cannot wait to see what I created since I did not pollinate but let the bees do it for me. Overall,
my gardens are coming along nicely thanks to the generosity of many members of this group.
I am amazed at how this site has grown and while I love meeting new people, I miss some of the closeness that the site used to have. I can remember this site before there were forums and I spent many a stormy winter night trading banter with people from all over the world. There were only four people from Maine then.
I live in a neighborhood now and most of my neighbors hire people to landscape for them. They sort of watch me work and I believe secretly laugh but then they do compliment me on my flowers so they do get some enjoyment from my gardens.
More importantly, I get tremendous amount of enjoyment from my gardens and that is all I need. I applied for and have been accepted into a Master Gardener program offered by the State of Maine in conjunction with the University. It starts the end of this month and I am very excited about it.
I have also started growing my own vegetables in the spring and summer. Have not had great success with peppers but have with tomatoes, cukes, eggplant and herbs. I started an asparagus patch last year so we will see how that works.
Well, enough for now but at least this is current. Spring is right around the corner. Enjoy all.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Z4ME

First registered on March 16, 2001 .