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I live in the Pacific Northwest..
capital city of Washington..
my neighbors have no affection for my yard. they think it’s too busy, too messy, too crowded, just too much.

I don’t like my neighbors!

but I live in a development with rules.
I believe rules are made to be broken.
’nuff said.

now, in my older, wiser age, I’ve decided to go for the more sustainable gardening. not so much full of garden junk but to incorporate pieces, in and amoungst beds of growing food. I’m more interested in groceries growing in the yard, rather than antagonize the neighbors any more.
they’ve become invisible to my vision.

random and abstract...that’s what appeals to me
and remains my focus but in a different way.

I live in: United States

My zone is: #8 Puget Sound

First registered on August 01, 2002 .