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I live near the edge of town near the I-10 & Loop 202 in Chandler.

2 20' Royal Palms - just planted in October 2005. Suffering in the cold, but they have one new spear each.

2 established mesquites
2 Jacaranda (24" box planted April 2005)
1 Ficus Nitida (36" box planted September 2005)

1 Blue Java (still potted, lives in constant shade)
2 Apple - Musa mazano (still potted, struggling, but will take sun)
3 Red - Ensete ventricosum (new, potted, we shall see)

Older obtusa - never bloomed. I bought this over a year ago at home depot for $10. I put it in the ground last spring, it survived full sun. It is over 2' tall with 5-6 branches.
8-9 rubra - bought 12 cuttings off ebay. Two bloomed, but the summer heat dried them up. It is after Christmas, and they are protected under a sheet, but still in leaf.
1 weirdo - looks like rubra. 4-5' tall. Two branches. I found a patch of tall rubra way in the back of Gardener's World on Baseline & 32nd St. It defoliated in early fall and is now in the garage. I don't have high expectations, but it hasn't rotted (yet).

Mexican Lime
Arizona Sweet Orange
Ruby Red Grapefruit

2006 Wish List
Plant all my potted plants (plumeria, banana)
Buy 3-6 more Royal Palms
1 more apple banana
1 more blue java
Find a way to get bird of paradise to grow like it does in San Diego.

(last updated 26 December 2005)

I live in: United States

My zone is: Chandler, AZ

My favorite forum 1 is Arizona Gardening.

First registered on September 06, 2005 .