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I have been gardening for 50+ years ; married to a lovely gardening addicted wife of 30 years , who has 300+ lilium species . At present I operate a 78 acre farm surrounded by a 2 - 3 mile windbreak / 3 acres native Carolinian growth woodlot / 2 acres of garden / 72 acres ag production /family owned & operated 80+ years /USDA Z6 / CANZ7/ 250 types of lilies / collectors of rare winter hardy plants / collectors , traders and sellers of over 1300+ species of plants . Other hardcore plant addicts are always welcome to contact us . I am DIFFICULT TO TRADE with ( due to our large collection and time restraints ) and would appreciate ONLY contact with hard core traders please .<p>From my WANT wish list : <br>Metasequoia ( decent formed / with good central leader ) <br>Arisaema (Unusual Oriental Species)
Asarum speciosum 'Woodlanders Select' (Alabama Wild Ginger)
Baptisia nuttalliana (Buffalo Pea Indigo)
Camellia japonica 'Kumasaka' ( FRESH USDA Z6 source )
Cardiocrinum cordatum
Cornus angustata ( TREE )
Cyrilla SHRUB
Euptelea pleiosperma AKA Many Seeded Euptelea
Euscaphis species
Exochorda giraldi AKA Rebud Pearlbush
Fargesia species ( other than murielae or nitida )
Griffonia simplicifolia
Hibiscus dasycalyx Illicium floridanum SHRUB
Hibiscus grandiflorus AKA Velvet Mallow
Hibiscus 'Moy Grande '
Hippeastrum x AKA Hardy Amarylis
Kosteletzkya virginica 'Immaculate' (White Sea Shore Mallow)
Lilium japonicum forma albomarginatum (Variegated Bamboo Lily)
Lindelofia anchusoides
Miscanthus transmorrisonensis (Evergreen Maiden Grass )
Neilla Sinensis
Nothofagus species ( USDA Z6 seed source plant )
Parrotiopsis species
Persea borbonia AKA Red Bay
Poliothyrsis Sinensis
Pteridophyllum racemosum
Quercus Libani AKA Lebanon Oak
Quercus Phillyreoides ' Emerald Sentinel '
Saccharum arundinaceum (Hardy Sugar Cane)
Sinojackia rehderiana ( Tree )
Tetrapanax papyrifer AKA Rice Paper Plant
Torreya Nucifera AKA Naya
Vitex incisa
Yucca rostrata (Beaked Blue Yucca)
Yucca schottii (Schott's Yucca)
Yucca thompsoniana (Thompson's Yucca) <p>Please feel free to contact me anytime if you can supply any of these plants ; I have many rare items for trade . <p>

I live in: Canada

My zone is: USDA Z6

My favorite forum 1 is Trees.

My favorite forum 2 is Great Lakes Gardening.

First registered on August 04, 2002 .