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I live in Ontario Canada where the winters are very very cold and the summers can be ridiculously hot. So I grow my orchids on my windowsill or under flourescent lights. I am still dreaming of the day that I am finally able to get my greenhouse. Since I love orchids with a passion, I am afraid to think what will happen when I do get a greenhouse. Currently I grow the following orchids:

1. Dendrobium nobile (some type of unknown hybrid)...blooms are pure white with a slight green and purple tinge at the back of the lips.

2. Oncidium Sharry Baby...still waiting for blooms.

3. Dendrobium "candy strike"

4. Phalaenopsis Carmela's Brite Lites 'Inferno' x Phal. Brother Wildcat 'Ruby."

5. Paphiopedilum Callosum x Maudiae

6. Cattleya hybrid (Laelia cattleya "Trick or Treat 'Orange Beauty' x Blc. Fuchs Orange Nugget "Long Life."

7. Unknown phal. from Home Depot. It blooms a magenta pink.

8. Mtdm "Rosy Sunset"

9. Blc "Rustic Spots"

10. Cattleya (an unknown gift from a neighbour)...it is supposed to bloom pink I am told.

11. Doritaenopsis "Brother Tom Walsh"

12. Cattleya Lulu x Penny Kuroda

13. Brassia Spider's Gold "The Orchid Works"

14. Bulbophyllum fascinator

15. phal strie. minho princess "star 2"...two seedlings given to me by my neighbour. It will be years before they bloom.

16. Paphiopedilum "Pinocchio"

17. Phal. I-Hsin sunflower

18. Another pink no-name phal from HD...bday gift frm mom

19. Howeara Lava Burst "Puanani"

20. Paph Julia Bell (fairrieanum b. album 'Ilagee' x wardii v. album 'Gr Delight'

21. unknown oncidium...yellow colour...a give away at one of the orchid meetings

22. Epidendrum porpax

23. Epidendrum calanthum

24. Brassia (unknown HD find)

25. Brassavola nodosa

26. Cattleya aurantiaca

27. SLC Rajah's Angel (Rajah's Ruby x Bright Angel)

28. Haemaria Discolor...won it at a raffle


.......And many more to come.

I live in: Canada

My zone is: z6a, Ontario

My favorite forum 1 is Orchids.

My favorite forum 2 is Orchid Gallery.

First registered on January 04, 2003 .