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Time just flies fast when one is having fun in the garden. I am 73 now, and enjoying all that life has to offer. I am still considered handicapped, but I do fine, just have to learn to juggle gardening around problems. We have a nice veggie garden, which I am going into heirlooms for most of it. We have a lot of flower gardens also, 60 bird houses, and a lot of wildlife, considering we are living at the edge of the city. I enjoy a lot of the forums, and it is a pleasant pastime, and I have made many lovely friends in the GW also. One of my summer activities is canning, for the medical diets I am on. I became a Food Advisor for Wa. State Univ. and gave classes at fairs, schools, etc. One of my other hobbies is reading, theology, gardening, bios, and some novels. Married 53 yr. with 2 sons, 2 grandchildren, and a great granddaughter and we also raised 6 girls who needed homes. Also active in church as much as I can, and some community projects. Mainly I like stories about cats, and I have all the James Harriot books. I love to haunt the second hand stores for bargains on books, a good way to add to the collection. I enjoy watching all the birds,butterflies, and squirrels and rabbits that come to visit us. I love all flowers, have 38 rose plants, but seem to like the pinks, rose, mauve and pastel colors best. As for flowers, I tend to love the pinks, lavanders, pastels best. I love daylilies, but have had zero success in starting them from seed, although I have tried many ways. My luck with starting hostas has been 99% success. Flowering alliums are always great, since they can be tucked into small spaces. I have been seaching for smaller daisy type plants that bloom for a long period. and I have totally given up on any type "thug" plant, as limited mobility makes it harder to keep thugs where they belong, although they are very pretty. I hope that this helps anyone looking at my site.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z7 Wa

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My favorite forum 2 is Dahlia.

First registered on March 04, 2001 .