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I’m an engineer married to an RN. We have three children (twin girls and a boy). We live on a hobby farm of 5.7 acres (bought July 2003) and are setting up a fruit and nut home orchard. Not much was planted here before we bought it, just oak trees, hackberry trees, and other non-edibles. Citrus and figs do well here. Currently have 6 plums, 1 hog plum, 5 peaches, 10 figs, 22 citrus, 1 apple, 5 pear, 1 mulberry, 52' row of blackberries, 4 muscadine, 1 seedless concord grape, 2 jujubes, 1 sassafras, 1 goumi, 2 flowering quince, 2 pawpaw, 2 pineapple guava, 1 asian pear, 3 pecan, 2 walnuts, 1 persimmon (american), 1 Fuyu persimmon, 1 strawberry guava, 1 cherry of the rio grande, banana tree, 2 pomegranites, 3 loquats, and a mayhaw. Still looking for other unusual fruit to plant. Also have a small (neglected) square foot garden (2 @ 4 x 12 and 1 @ 4 x 16). My wife and soulmate has about 70 fowl (chickens, guineas, and turkeys). The wild ducks (20+ mallards)are about to overrun us. They love to eat the free chicken food and swim in the pond. They quack at the door in the morning to remind us to feed them. There are several Canada Geese that roam the area, going from pond to pond. Ocassionally a pair will nest at our pond, which we think is very cool. We have a barn (that needs a new roof) where we rent two stalls for a man with horses and where we keep our Nigerian Dwarf goats and where we raise the chickens and guineas we hatch in the incubator.

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