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We built our first pond last summer, but it's not really finished yet. It is a wildlife pond (hopefully), and we have just had our first frogspawn. I'm hoping for toadspawn too, and would be over the moon if newts moved in!
I have a half built waterfall thingy - 2 pools built up with loads of liner flapping around and trying to work out how to make the water go over the rocks rather than under them! I am also leaning towards building a built up pool next to the waterfall and mounding to try to make it look more natural.
Pond now in it's third winter.
Have just found Freecycle which is a worldwide conservation group which hopes to help save the planet by cutting down on landfill by recycling items free amongst members. http://www.freecycle.org I have just joined the 3 local groups (the easiest way is to open a free yahoo email account). Take a look- you will soon be hooked!

I live in: United States

My zone is: Tyne & Wear UK

First registered on March 05, 2004 .