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I?m a woman in my late forties who discovered the pleasures flower gardening about 8 years ago when I moved onto five acres of pine forest in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains between Denver and Colorado Springs. I knew absolutely nothing about gardening, let alone gardening in an area with some difficult conditions, including horribly dry,alkaline, clay soil, long periods of drought, violent hail storms, lots of shade, and a relatively short growing season. Fortunately, I discovered the dappled light I get through the tall pines is enough to grow a lot more things than I had guessed.

When I experienced success with dazzling jewels such as Iceland poppies, lupines, brilliant blue delphiniums, and hardy geraniums of all types, I was hooked. Now I?m constantly experimenting with new plants and putting in hours and hours in the flower beds, savoring every minute there. We?re on a "hummingbird highway" and they love our gardens as much as we do. The air arond us is alive with them from late April to the first frosts. They?re very pleasant company as they buzz the flowers just inches away as we water or weed or just hang out in the tranquility. Gardening has truly enhanced my husband?s and my health and happiness.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z4/5 CO

My favorite forum 1 is Rocky Mountain Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Perennials.

First registered on March 08, 2002 .