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I started gardening seriously when my last child was born. He just turned 15 yesterday, It has slowly become an obsession. All the grass is gone. My front garden is a show for passers by and my backyard has secret gardens.
In our climate the gardening season is fairly short, so we put double energy into it. And then we have the squirls. Those little rats surprise me on a daily basis. The do not just dig up bulbs, they tease me with different destruction every years. Just a couple of years ago the attacked
three newly bought azalea bushes. what will they do next.
My family does not share my enthusiasm for gardening but they are forced to move flowerpots, soil, build walls.
And the season is starting again.

I live in: Canada

My zone is: z5 ca

My favorite forum 1 is Heirloom Plants & Gardens.

My favorite forum 2 is Cutting Garden.

First registered on April 21, 2001 .