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Purchased a new home...nothing but rock & subsoil....brought in A LOT of planting mix for the landscaping, which went well. Had 45' garden area created with rock planters & raised beds of untreated cedar. All went well until we ordered organic planting mix. Being new, we took advice and assumed (& you know what happens when one assumes!) the soil dealer was correct when he said the mix was ready to plant. AFTER we planted we met a local agronomist, had the soil tested...turns out the "organic soil" is put together quickly from sand, dairy screening & ?? We still don't know what else. What we do know is that the "soil" is high in Salinity! Yeah, and very low in calcium & 7.3 --to much alkalinity for happy vegetables & berries. All the other minerals on the test were high to very high.
Now we are getting all this conflicting information on what to do. The gardens & berry area are about 1,000 sq ft. I have applied 50 lbs of blood meal around the plants, hand troweled & watered in. I'm watering like heck to try & leach out salt. But what about the lack of compost. I can't dig up the blueberries & put peat moss under them, & they have shallow roots, so digging around them is difficult. I have been advised to use gypsum, powedered for quick results. I have also been advised to use "flowers of sulfer" but I can't even find a definition for this.
This is longer than I usually send to a forum, but I need help!

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