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I’m Pat, aka curbdiver....live in Arlington (center of the Dallas/Fort Worth part of TX) with my DH of 23 yrs, a 175 pound "lapdog" named Poco (1/2 rott and 1/2 red doberman), 6 indoor cats and 2 indoor kittens (who believe the dog is their personal trampoline!). I’m native Texan, 1/4 Cherokee, 3rd generation packrat and DIY’er - my dad was maintenance manager for the Post Office for 37 years, so he taught both us girls how to fix/make/do just about everything from plumbing to electrical to construction. Mom taught us to sew, crochet, embroider, etc. My Dad and Mom live next door to us and are in their late 80’s, so guess I’m part of the ’sandwich’ generation! Fortunately, they are both in pretty good health, so MOST days having them close by is a blessing...every now and then, well, it’s a little bit of a challenge.
Mother of 1 DD and 2 stepDS’s; grandma to 3 boys and 1 girl. DH is a retired car and motorcycle sales manager who now drives a school bus part time (full retirement only lasted 6 mos before he got bored!). I work part time as a convenience store sales rep for a candy manufacturer. Love to work in the yard in the fall and spring, the rest of the time I am creating all sorts of stuff from junque, most of which ends up given away or sold at the store my sis manages in west TX. Would LOVE to get into the craft show circuit, but don’t really know how to start. Also do LOTS of genealogy research...boy have my cousins and I found some "rats" in THAT woodpile!

Lost much of my landscaping to the past few years of water restrictions and extreme heat, so am looking forward to re-doing it next spring (and eliminating most of the grass that Dad is so terribly fond of!!). Guess the weather was a blessing, coz now I have an excuse to re-do things!

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