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I love squirrels! I wish to fashion my yard to be the perfect habitat for squirrels and all other wildlife. Gardening for Wildlife is my preference.

I am an avid wildlife enthusiast who is especially fond of squirrels. I have written 3 articles in a popular exotic pet magazine. In college, I majored in Zoology. I look forward to working at a zoo some day. One common misconception about me is that I’m liberal, but I’m not. I am a Christian who advocates to Creation Stewardship. That means I want to protect God’s wild creatures and recognize the complex and special role He gave each of them in their niche.

I can’t stand people who think squirrels, groundhogs, etc are pests. I love gardens and planting stuff around my yard. However, some people don’t realize that wildlife, especially if it’s native, is more important than aesthetics. It makes me nauseous to know that there are actually "people" who kill native wildlife that dare approach their precious flower gardens. If you have a vegetable garden; that’s fine. But if it causes you to hate and kill native wildlife; I suggest you stick with grocery shopping. So ends my soapbox.

I proudly photographed the above red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) on a trip to the Colorado Rockies in September 2007.

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My zone is: 75115

My favorite forum 1 is Wildlife Garden.

My favorite forum 2 is Sustaining Our Environment.

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