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I like to walk with Grandma and Grandpa, their steps are short like mine.

They never say "Now, hurry up", they always take their time.

Most people have to hurry, they never stop to see,

I’m so glad that God made grandparents, unrushed and young like me.

I found Garden Web a few months ago by accident and absolutely love it. With gardening I have wondered about so many things, but never found the right books, or felt I was connected to anyone else having similar situations or that loved cottage gardens the way I do. I would work like crazy in the spring and early summer, but felt alone when there was no more garden purchases to be made! I am thrilled to find a community of fellows who share the same love, frustrations, problems and solutions as I have on my own and create solutions for year round gardening! I have made countless mistakes in gardening over the years and am learning more than ever by just reading all the Garden Web forums.

We live in southern Oregon and I am able to work out of my home and can daily enjoy my gardens. I have an English cottage garden in my front yard, and a little park within a forest in the back with an abundance of English ivy...(sorry, I love it!) We have a few huge pines native to Oregon because 40 years ago the original owners were foresters and decided to plant a 'forest' in our 1/3 acre city lot. Over the years we have thinned quite a few of them out and replaced many with fruit trees, flowering perennials and an ever growing vegetable garden. I have over 40 rose bushes I have babied and tended over the past 20 years in this home. Being from the hometown of the main office of our country's top rose growers, Jackson & Perkins, you have to grow your roses with a flourish! After all these years, they seem to take on their own personality...

I try to make my gardens an extension of my home with different areas to sit and visit. Chairs and benches are nestled throughout my gardens with bird feeders at each setting to attract many species of birds for watching. I enjoy taking the time to watch their visit; feeding and taking their baths. I am working on attracting more species, but my favorite are the woodpeckers and hummingbireds.Nothing gives me more pleasure than to have all of my family visiting in my garden, drinking home-made lemonade or tea and sharing the days events. There is great joy when my family wants to stay in the garden visiting till dark, because it is 'so nice here, mom'.

Since I was a little girl, I have loved gardens and flowers. So many memories of my childhood with my Irish grandma walking to the nursery with her little red wagon and filling it with flowers and vegetables to plant. Or, planting potatoes on Good Fridays and watching the almanac and waiting to plant by the moon. We would work out in the garden until her daily 'tea time'.

I try to make the same memory for my little grandson, who comes and visits me almost every day. He immediately goes to the back door and hands me my gardening shoes, as his message of 'Lets get to work.' Thats the end of my 'computer job' for the day, and off we go to the garden. It is a challenge deciding which job he wants to do. Somedays he wants to work in my vegetable garden, which I have fenced in with a little white picket gate for him. Or, he goes to the front yard, where I have my English garden surrounded by another white picket fence and arbor to keep him safe as we work and play for hours. Since he was a baby, he has loved to smell each flower and now waters each plant with great determination.

Sometimes when it is raining we work in my little greenhouse. His favorite job there is to play with the pebbles covering the ground and fill the little cups with potting soil for me. At 18 months old now, he has been working with me since he could crawl and I would not miss a day of it! I feel content in my garden, that life has come full circle and I am making a gardener for life out of this sweet little boy as my dear grandma did for me.

My garden is not perfect and I don't have perfect blooms and weeds do get away from me. But, it is a place of joy and a form of worship for me. I marvel at how great our God is every time I step into my garden. I know He is the Creator of all and the greatest gardener in the universe and nothing would exist without Him.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z7OR

My favorite forum 1 is Vegetable Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Perennials.

First registered on June 21, 2005 .