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I live in northeast U.S. It is hard to select my favorite forums because I check in with a number of them. I like books, native plants, composting, quilting, ponds, and on and on. I do volunteer work at our local genealogical library where I am the research librarian. I order the materials, oversee a small staff of 10, do the bookwork, and yes - clean the pots also (I don't mean flower pots).

My husband and I live on the family farm that was purchased in 1814. We have 2 dogs, a few frogs in the pond close to the house and a 1/2 acre pond down in our valley. We have 80 acres but have a neighber do the farming. We just like to see the land being used. My husband retired at 51 and enjoys himself here on the hill and keeps quite busy. We have one daughter who lives about one hour from us. I have 2 grand dogs......

I live in: United States

My zone is: Z-5 PA

My favorite forum 1 is rosesant.

My favorite forum 2 is peren.

First registered on May 16, 2001 .