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Hi, I’m Wren, a happily single, forty-something biology major not working in the field - no pun intended. I’m a definite hermit and homebody and currently share my nest with [number withheld to protect the guilty; let’s just say many, many times what most people would consider sane] indoor-only cats (and you wonder why I’m a hermit and single???), one 15 pound mutt (I jinxed myself when I said I’d only get a dog if one showed up on my doorstep), a mix of cage birds, some fish, one snake, and whatever houseplants are able to survive my neglect, all set in my own little corner of the world which is home to deer, coons, possums, rabbits, voles, moles, mice & (too cool) coyotes (ok, maybe not so cool when they go off at 3am right under your bedroom window), 100+ species of birds, snakes, turtles, lizards, frogs & toads...

I don’t garden, more’s the pity. I do own two acres of once-cultivated field that is growing up nicely without my help.

I enjoy birdwatching and crafting (any number of things) when I have the time (and sometimes when I don’t; how do you explain being late to work because you were playing with copper wire?) so I have been known to pop up on the NN Bird Watching Forum every now & then, and I occasionally drop in at the GW Junk and Accoutrements Forums. I have given long-winded answers (which I hope are informative and entertaining!) over at the Hummingbird Forum. I will admit to the occasional "rescue" of a plant or two as well as cats, so I check in at the House Plant Forum when necessary.

Momma Wren, aka Seashell DE or Civil Mom, keeps me informed of what’s happening around the Kitchen Table.

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I live in: United States

My zone is: Mid-Atlantic Coast, z7

First registered on October 01, 2002 .