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We have undergone a Laundry, Kitchen and Bathroom remodel. YIKES. I’ve counted heavily on the THS forums to help me out during this time, since I always find great information here! After spending well over a year researching and planning the Kitchen, we spent 10 months on the actual remodeling. The bathroom was started after Thanksgiving and finished (finally) around mid-February.

I have learned a lot about having Patience and accepting that Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.

I’m not officially a kitchen designer, but a landscape designer. A lot of the elements are the same: Good flow, focal points, maintenance, designing for the way you live, budget and service. I’m feeling pretty confident (especially since I found this forum!) the design will "work" when it’s done. The reason I bring it up is I believe Good Design transitions to all living spaces.

My "clients" starting knocking on our door when we landscaped our yard into a garden, after seeing the difference it made to our large, busy suburban corner lot. The design is "outside the box" for our neighborhood, with the vegetable garden in the front yard, and a grove of ornamentals in the landscape, instead of the requisite tree and shrubs in front of the house which is prevalent around here. I have a great nose for resources and firmly believe that what you see outside the kitchen window is important as what’s going on inside. I think designers can overlap their skills with enough time, research and desire.

My garden includes 14 Japanese maples, a large water garden, an integrated shrub border consisting of several varieties of hydrangeas, viburnums and hollies. The vegetables and herbs claim their space in the front yard (yes, it’s ornamental!) and there’s a swing in the old oak tree. There are many collections in my life from recipes, antiques, plant material and friends...and anything that makes the "everyday" just a bit easier to manage.

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