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After an unexpected forced reitrement Boo Hoo! I decided to live my dream and move to the country Hurrah! There is always a lot of landscaping, gardening, and decorating outside to keep me busy. Isn’t the great? Decorative painting is my passion, gardening is my love. Have just earned my Master Naturalist certificate and will give a class on "Edibles in the Wild". I garden strickly organic and try to share the five acres with all of the critters that were here before me. I live alone and it is a three hour drive from the closest of my five children. Have made many new friends here that share my interests. Belong to a Red Hat Society group (The Shady Ladies) that is a lot of fun and gets me into town. Have yet to find a way to curb shop here, but I do go to local garage sales. To my regret, while preparing to move I elimainated a life time collection of "goodies" that were waiting for me to give new life to. Thought I wouldn’t need them or have the time to give them justice. Big mistake! The good news the previous owner did leave me some wood and stuff to start on. I bet they are sorry.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z5 Ecentral Il

My favorite forum 1 is Herbalism.

My favorite forum 2 is Companion Plants.

First registered on March 23, 2005 .