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Last updated: Feb 10, 2005<p>Currently, in early 2005, I live at home with my father. I moved back in when he suggested living there to pay off land where I want to build a house so I wouldnt be paying a mortgage on two properties at one time. So I sold the old one and am developing the new one. Its 8 acres in Pendleton, SC, so I have room to spread out and play.<p>Im single, no kids, no exs. Some day...<p>My gardening interests lie primarily in compost and soil development, purely from a non-scientific standpoint. Im obsessed with collecting leaves and manure right now. Secondarily come vegetables and preserving or selling the harvest. Main vegetable garden consists of about 10,000 square feet right now. But thats shared with some flowers to attract beneficials and such. I have three satellite corn plots that are at least 900 SF each and spread out a good bit to help prevent cross pollination. I have a 5000 SF wildflower patch not far from the veggie garden. I have a 60x100 foot plot that will have asparagus, strawberries, lavender, and Russian comfrey (for fertilizer, I hope). Im hoping to plant grapes and willows this spring as well. On top of that, Im hoping to either buy a repossessed mobile home right next to my land or build a workshop on the land where I can hone my woodworking skills in preparation for building kitchen cabinets and other wood things for my house to be built in the future. <p>Ideally, first Ill have a workshop with a covered area to park my tractors and horse trailer under. Then Ill build a house to live in. Then Ill have a separate small cottage type structure with a glassed in sunroom (greenhouse) for potting/starting seeds (spring/late summer), canning veggies (summer), soapmaking (winter), drying flowers and herbs (fall/winter), and be a general mud room throughout the year complete with heat/air, stove, sink, toilet and shower stall, and lots of shelves and cabinets. Maybe a dishwasher for the canning jars. With all the things I can do in that little building, it should be used all year round. <p>I used to can a lot at my old home. I will can a lot at my new home. Its hard to can anything right now because all my jars are in boxes hidden somewhere along with my canner. So I wait.<p>Should be a fun year! Or a fun few years! :-) test

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