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I recently (last December) moved back to the small town where I grew up. I left my house where I spent 7 years ripping out grass(weeds) and installing garden after garden. The house i moved into was owned by a member of the local garden club, but they rented it out for 3 years so everythign turned to jungle.

i spent 3 months last fall (even before we bought the house) just yanking out everything from the front ’perennial’ garden. the only things that were left is a weeping cherry (that might still have to go because it just doesn’t behave), a large azalia and a hydrangea.

i divided a bunch of my perennials from my old house and moved them here, but we’re really still ’bare bones’ gardening around here.

for mother’s day, my husband borrowed a tiller and remade the old vegetable garden into something workable. i borrowed my parents truck and got 2 yards of compost and tilled that in. the heirloom tomatoes have the best start i could give them here this year.

You ever feel like there’s so much to do that you can’t do any of it? that’s a constant problem here, but we’re working on it. it’s just that every problem we fix leaves more things to be done (or at least it seems that way). We removed 3 large trees that were overhanging our house and destroying the roof (plus the yard area under and around them) which made a dramatic improvement, but we have to fill in the yard, re-seed (or turn it into new garden space:) and it opened up areas we could barely see that are garden spaces... more weeding, pulling and planting to be done there...

you get the idea, so i’ll stop babbling now :)

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