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Recently moved into a home with a plant room, a 1/6th of an acre yard, five trees, and a concrete apron for all the cactus & succulents to learn to love. Quite the change from the 8X13 balcony that I started on. Not to mention the house has at least two windows in every room.

Learning to stretch out and put a plant in every room.

The cats aren't sure about the new house, but it has put them all on an equal footing, rather than two established cats, and a newbie! They would be in order of seniority, Gizmodeous Blue, an appleheaded sealpoint Siamese, Jasmine Marie, an allycat special, and Tigger!, a very young pain in the neck who opens every door, drawer, and cabinet in the house. But can't get out of the bathroom to save her life!

Soon, they will have access to the backyard and all the BIRDS!!!

I live in: United States

My zone is: S CA 10A

My favorite forum 1 is House Plants.

My favorite forum 2 is Orchid Gallery.

First registered on March 12, 2001 .