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I live in Idaho, zone 6. However, I am zone-enabled because of my greenhouse.

My Greenhouse

Recipe for Raised Bed Garden
(see picture below)

Site Prep:

Materials List:
-spray paint or other marking medium
-recycled newspaper, cardboard, and/or weed mat
-several cubic yards of gravel

-measuring tape or other instrument
-weed mat pins (if it’s windy)
-bobcat (rented)

1. Select a flat site in a sunny location.
2. Mark a 20 ft. by 20 ft. square of lawn with spray paint.
3. Cover the site with newspaper, cardboard and/or weed mat.
4. Cover the site (now covered in newsprint, cardboard or mat) with a layer of gravel 3-4 inches deep. (Use a rented bobcat to move the gravel.)

Raised Bed Frames:

Materials List:
-416 feet of 2x6 cedar or other outdoor wood boards (we used 12 ft. lengths)
-metal corner brackets
-8.5 feet of 2x2 wood
-metal screws (weatherproof)

-circular saw
-drill bits
-tape measure

1. Mark and cut boards into 4 ft. lengths.
2. Build 50 square frames using the 4 ft. lengths of cedar joined together with the metal corner brackets. (You may wish to pre-drill the cedar. If you do pre-drill, using 2 drills works well - one for pre-drilling and one for sinking the screw.)
3. Cut the 2x2 boards into eight 1 ft lengths (and keep the remaining 1/2 ft.)
4. Stack three 4 ft. square frames and join with a 1 ft. 2x2 and screws (again, pre-drill.)
5. Stack the remaining 2 frames and join with the 1/2 foot 2x2.

Final Steps:

Materials List:
-several cubic yards of inexpensive compost (approximately 6-8; I had 13 yards dumped in my driveway and used the extra for other purposes.)
-black plastic
-cord tacks (or Irrigation line tacks)
-laser cut micro-irrigation drip line
-non-cut micro-irrigation drip line
-micro-irrigation line connectors, valves, etc
-chicken wire or similar


1. Position the 9 completed frames over your 20 x 20 ft. gravel covered area in a square pattern. Place the 1 ft. "shorty" frame on the "entrance" side corner.
2. Staple black plastic (16.5x1.5 ft. pieces) to inside of each frame.
3. Fill frames with compost
4. Tack micro-irrigation drip line to alternating sides of the insides of the frames at 6-inch intervals - creating lines over the compost in each of the beds.
5. Add shutoff valves to start of irrigation line in each bed.
6. Connect lines to feeder line and connect feeder line to your outdoor faucets, sprinkler or other irrigation system.
7. Cut 4 ft. sq. pieces of chicken wire (or similar) and place over compost in the beds to discourage pets from digging in the beds.

This image was taken almost 9 years after I built the beds. Note, I have added carpet to keep the weeds down. I did some minor repair work (after the photo was taken) by adding a couple screws to the beds with loosened fasteners. (I think I had to repair about 4 boards in total after 9 years).

Greenhouse Happenings

2005 Spring - Attack of the mealybugs!
2005 (April) - Tomato harvest begins
2005 (January 2) 1st crop tomatoes started from seed
2002-2003 Winter tomato trials

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My Climate

Last Avg. Frost Date: May 8th - May 10th
Local Planting Rule: Wait for the snow to melt from lucky peak before planting.
First Avg. Frost Date: Oct. 7th - 9th
Zone: USDA: 6b/7, Sunset: 3
Heat Zone: 6-7

Moderate. Average temperatures range from 25 F to 95 F. Average annual precipitation totals approximately six inches of rainfall and six inches of snowfall (normal annual precipitation totals 13.71 inches.) Average relative humidity is 41%.

online information for my climate
online information for my climate

I live in: United States

My zone is: Zone-Enabled

First registered on July 06, 2001 .