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I’m a new gardener who knows she’s insane by wanting a mostly perennial garden on my small piece of land in MN - the catch? Please bloom all summer, AND, be Dutch about it. Good luck.

Enter select clematis at the corners of my house, Stella daylilies in front of them, and then chosen annuals in front of that (I do like a *little* planting) like petunias or whatever I fancy for that year. Enter impatiens on the north side that get almost 3 feet tall and almost as wide. Enter an arbor in the front with ramblin’ red climbing roses and a birdbath I fill with flowers and vines in the middle and pots by the entry way. Enter Little Lamb hydrangeas which are replacing the yucky city-planted wild bushes by the yucky electric box. Enter Endless Summers in the back to enchant Japanese hubby’s memories of Japan. Enter a John Davis climbing rose between the clematis.

No, not flowers *all* summer, but mostly... Enough to satisfy that Dutch side in me that wants to see splashes of coiffeured color from the street. Minnesota, you’ve come a long way!

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