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I live in the country on 25 acres with my husband and 3 dogs. Because there is so much room, it is the perfect place to garden. I have room to try ANYTHING! We are building a new house ourselves....hopefully it will be done this year (2008). I have already landscaped the back yard.pond in the back yard. The dominating feature of the landscape is a 9000 gallon koi pond. There is also a 3500 gallon pond and various sizes of quarantine tanks (for new koi or koi returning home from a koi show) ranging from 300 gallons to 1300 gallons.

I also have a large shade/hosta garden started. Right now, I am collecting plants that will go in the new landscape. I have 150+ varieties of hostas, plus many other plants I have been collecting. I am working on my trade list now.

I am a Richland County Master gardener and also a certified Koi Health Advisor. I took the master gardener course so I could learn more about gardening. I took the Koi Health Advisor course so I could learn how to keep my fish healthy. I am very glad to have taken both courses!!

I live in: United States

My zone is: 7B SC

My favorite forum 1 is Hosta.

My favorite forum 2 is Ponds & Aquatic Plants.

First registered on September 28, 2002 .