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This is my first marriage his 3rd (eeks) (18 months)

I was in a relationiship for 15 years. He left for TOW he is still with her (7 yrs). When he left I didn't know whether to send her a thank you card or sympathy card. I am over it now :). We get along better now than ever.

I have 2 children
Daughter 22 lives on her own.
Son 15 lives with BD and SM.

Hubby has 4 children

First wife 1 Daughter
-BM abandoned daughter when she was 4 years old. Hasn't heard from her mother since she was 8. (BM drug and alchohol problems)

Second wife 3 children
(most of my posts are about her and the 11 yr old)
son 11, Son 9, daughter 8

We have his 4 children full-time. My son visits on the weekends. I am a SAHSM. aka. maid, cook, nanny, babysitter, chauffuer, referee, therapist.

I am a child of divorce...but no step-parents. In my parents divorce the children got custody of the house. My parents moved in and out on a weekly basis they shared an apartment and a house with 5 children. Seven years after my parents divorced they got back together. My father was given 6 weeks to live and my mother said come live with us he survived another 2 years.

I live in: United States

First registered on October 25, 2006 .