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05/06 WARNING!!! subject to mood swings! LOL! Currently in ’High Desert’ (Victor Valley) area of SoCal, trying to adjust to desert life. Still have a desire to learn ’all the IMPORTANT stuff they didn’t teach me in school’- some because I ’HAVE to know’, some because I’m curious, & some just for the heck of it. Empty-nester MOST of the time... My interests vary day-to-day as situations arise. I TRY to learn something new every day, however I DO get ’brain-overload’ at times & have to shut down for awhile! I have a ’love-hate’ relationshp with the internet & T.V.- Great for info & great for wasting time (& making me lazy! haha...). On those rare occasions we can escape, I enjoy seeing ’the natural beauties of the land’, frugally. (I just love my little tent!) I feel that there is SO much to learn from personal experiences of others, & likewise, I’ve had my own personal experiences to share. See you on the forums! (This personal blurb subect to change at any time)

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