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My life and love is gardening. I was raised on what we call a truck farm (veggies and fruits) here in the East which was near Albany, NY, so have been involved with all aspects of growing veggies since I was a youngster.

My major interest is heirloom tomatoes but I'm up close and personal with all veggies, heirloom or not, and also raise many heirloom perennials, roses, dianthuses, etc., as well as fruits and herbs.

I spent most of my career teaching medical students various aspects of Microbiology re human disease and retired as Professor of Microbiology in 1999. The last 16 years of my career I spent teaching at a private liberal arts college after I moved back East from teaching at the U of Colorado MEdical School, in order to care for aged parents, both of whom have now passed on. At that private college I taught a wide range of biologically and biochemically related courses in addition to Microbiology; courses such as Soil Microbiology, Envionmental Biology, Biology of Handicapping conditions, Human Genetics, and much more.

I post at several sites on the nternet and enjoy sharing what I've learned with others. I'm a Lifetime member of Seed Savers Exchange although not as active as I once was when I'd list about 200 varieties in the SSE Annual each year.

And I'm not as active as I used to be when I grew about 200 varieties each year with maybe 1000 or so plants. I retired from work because I need two hip replacements and this physical disability precludes my being as active, gardening-wise, as I used to be or want to be in the future.

I've written numerous articles for gardening magazines, have lectured at many places locally and nationally, have been on a TV series and also NPR . I also lecture and give programs for the Cornell Coop Extension and the associated Master Gardener program.

Several years ago an article about me appeared in the NYTimes and as a result of that I was asked to write a book on heirloom tomatoes. I did and the book has been well received ( see reviews at Amazon) and won an award from the Garden Writers Association of America for the second best written garden book in the USA for 1999. And they misspelled heirloom on the plaque. LOL

I'm addicted to chocolate, am currently deaddicting myself from cigarettes, and live with two cats, one 19 and one 2, on 30 acres in true upstate NY. I live in a unique home which is a series of hexagons with the front room being a huge hexagon faced with three panels of 12 foot long floor to ceiling glass panels. This front hexagon is supported by six huge oak beans and comes to a point at about 30 ft high.
The home was built with an attention to woods and the floors in the front are parquet and all manner of different woods grace the various rooms. The exterior is clear cedar.

A year round brook runs by the wrap around deck and cascades over a 30 ft waterfall right next to the house. Actually I have to walk over a bridge to get to the front door. I was truly blessed in finding this lovely home and property . Wild critters abound, such as deer and bobcats and moose and wild turkeys and coyotes and foxes and raccoons and whatever. I have numerous bird feeders and that is a new interest of mine.

Warm summer evenings are spent on the deck listening to the waterfall, reading, sipping a tall glass of whatever, listening to the music pour forth from the surround sound in the living room, when wanted, and in general just trying to enjoy the freedom I've found in retirement.

As I said above, gardening is my life and my love and all of nature is my playground, both mentally and spiritually.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z4/5 NY

My favorite forum 1 is Growing Tomatoes.

My favorite forum 2 is Heirloom Plants & Gardens.

First registered on January 21, 2002 .