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I have a wonderful family with 2 girls. We live in Reche Canyon, between Moreno Valley and Colton! My roses have been an essential part of my life. Roses help keep me sane when times get tough. I prefer organic gardening but break that rule when I need too.<br>

We still have family animals Rocky and Mikku our doggies, our cats, horses Lexi and Gypsy Rose. Our newest addition is a beautiful iguana who’s about 50 inches long<br>

You are always welcome to email me! I welcome emails from my forum friends and answer their emails as quickly as possible. <br>

In my rose garden I am currently growing: Heirloom, Paradise, Arizona, Mr. Lincoln, Rosy Dawn, Just Joey, Miss All American Beauty, Golden Masterpiece, Hot Cocoa, Abbaye De Cluny, Gemini, Playboy, Double Delight, Fragrant Plum, Fragrant Cloud. Lowell Thomas, Tiffany, Granada & my all-time favorite a salmon blend that never made it to market and has an incredible scent, one rose claims to be Oldtimer but I think it might be something else. I also have some mystery cuttings that are missing tags. I apologize for not listing them all! <br>
A partial wish list of roses I want to replace again one day: (Not listed by priority)<br>
Carefree Wonder<br>
Cheer Up! <br>
Childs Play <br>
Crackling Fire <br>
Flutterbye <br>
French Perfume <br>
Ingrid Bergman <br>
LeAnn Rimes <br>
Lynn Anderson <br>
Magic Carrousel <br>
Marilyn Monroe (My hubby picked her up for me recently) <br>
Mothers Love <br>
Mutabilis <br>
Playgirl <br>
Santa Claus <br>
Simplicity <br>
Simplicity Red <br>
St. Patrick <br>
Moon Shadow <br>
Brigadoon <br>
Leonidas <br>
Black Baccara <br>
Shi-Un <br>
Andrea Stelzer <br>
Autumn Sunset <br>
Ballerina <br>
Cal Poly <br>
Caroline De Monaco <br>
World War II Memorial <br>
CL. Rainbows End <br>
Crowd Pleaser <br>
Frau Karl Druschki <br>
French Lace <br>
Fair Dinkum <br>
Gina Lollabrigida <br>
Golden Sunblaze <br>
Graham Thomas <br>
Gypsy Carnival <br>
Heirloom <br>
Hurdy Gurdy <br>
Intrigue <br>
Jean Giono <br>
Louise Odier <br>
Michelangelo <br>
Peace <br>
Pearl Essence <br>
Princesse de Monaco <br>
Redoute <br>
Roseraie De La hay <br>
Sarah Van Fleet <br>
Spectra <br>
Sunsprite <br>
Sweet Chariot <br>
Tamora <br>
The Dark Lady <br>
The Fairy <br>
The Herbalist <br>
Tigress <br>
Touch of Class <br>
Sterling Silver <br>
Irish Creme <br>
Helmut Schmitt <br>
My Sunshine <br>
(I will add to this list as I remember what I am forgetting.)

I live in: United States

My zone is: So. Calif. z.9

My Birthday is December 8 .

My favorite forum 1 is Roses.

My favorite forum 2 is Rose Propagation.

First registered on June 29, 2001 .