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My name is Josue Diaz Saravia. I live in the San Joaquin Valley in central California, where over half of the population is of Mexican/Hispanic descent. Because there is a small pool of names and surnames within Hispanic cultures, there is much confusion with people of the same first/last names. To avoid confusion, I prefer to use the english translation of my name (Joshua) and my second last name (Saravia), making my name less common. Despite trying to avoid confusion, i have been wrongly confused with another Josue Diaz who has already scammed several members in the past. I learned this after several members backed up on trades for no apparent reason, and after one trader told me she would not trade with me because i had scammed her in the past under a different name.

If i must go into detail, I am a sophomore at Fresno Pacific Universtiy, majoring in business with an emphasis on accounting. I live in a house that belongs to the university along with five other students. Since we cannot have mail delivered directly to the house, i use a box at the university's address. I have a part time job as a groundskeeper and i work on various, small landscape jobs around campus, which is where i use the seeds i trade for on GW.

Because i have been associated/mistaken for the scamming Josue, i insist that you don't send your end of the trade until you have recieved mine. In that way, even those who are skeptical can be assured that they will not be scammed.

Thanks for stopping by!

I live in: United States

My zone is: USDA 9b/ Sunset 9

First registered on September 27, 2005 .