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Hi all! I Live in Fort McMurray, Alberta where the days are VERY long in the summer and VERY short in the winter. The sun doens’t go down in summer till after 10 pm and doesn’t really get dark... you can see the suns glow all night in the northern horizon... like late dusk. Winter we only get 8 hours or less of daylight...

I do no outdoor gardening except for a few planters, tomatoes, and a pepper plant that I started from seed last year and is now a good size. Weather and soil conditions (which aren’t worth the effort here to fix) are lousy so I stick to indoor tropicals. (And you should see the BUGS! we get up here... gross!!)

I’m... thanks to this form.... falling in love with Hoyas and African Violets but am willing to grow anything.
and try I will....

I live in: Canada

My zone is: 0b (Cold North)

My favorite forum 1 is House Plants.

My favorite forum 2 is Hoya.

First registered on February 21, 2004 .