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I am a sucker for growing tropicals in a not so tropical location. I currently live in St. Louis, Missouri where I just moved to about three years ago. I was born and grew up here, so I guess I have returned I should say. I fell in love with tropical plants especially palms, aroids and tropical fruits while living in the tropics of South Florida and Panama for a couple of years. I also spent several months in Peru, Hawaii and Mexico studying tropical plants. My professional degree is biology with my emphasis in tropical ethnobotany. I currently work as a research entomologist and on cotton insect protection. Aside from my professional work with plants and bugs I spend my freetime (very much less than in times past) with my wife, six year old daughter and 8 month old son in addition to gardening. My garden is "Florida relocated" as much as possible anyway. My favorite tropicals for St. Louis are cannas, bananas, palms and coleus. I have a small basement greenhouse for overwintering. I recently moved into a new home with lots of land to fill with plants. I have amassed quite a large collection of cannas and bananas but am looking to expand. Winter 2004 was unfortunate for me as I lost most of my tropical collection to a greenhouse freeze. I had many palms, tropical fruits and orchids that I had aquired from my years of living in the tropics that moved with me to Missouri. Most were killed when my heaters broke down in a temporary greenhouse I had erected at a friends house for the winter. I had plans to build a better greehouse when I found a house. Now that my tropical collection has been reduced to a minimum I have decided to stick with more hardy tropicals in the future. I am trying to aquire as many varieties of canna and banana as possible. I have maintained around 15 varieties of canna through the years. I only have 3 varieties of banana left from my once diverse collection. I have managed to overwinter some clumps of Musa basjoo outdoors for the last four winters. That is a promising hope for my newly started tropical midwest garden. I am always willing to trade for new varieties of canna, banana or any other tropicals for that matter.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6 MO

My favorite forum 1 is Tropicalesque Garden.

My favorite forum 2 is Garden Exchange.

First registered on April 27, 2005 .