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Amending my profile after reading my original (with some amusement). I tend 2 gardens (my tiny home garden and a public allotment plot) although we have recently bought 5acres of poplar woodland in Norfolk. I intend to live in a horsebox lorry while regenerating the woodland (which is really just a plantation - a neglected monoculture). This part of Norfolk is one of the last remaining habitats for the lovely swallowtail butterfly so I will be planting milk parsley (the larval food plant) along with several other umbellifers and natives.
Roses have occupied my horticultural fancies for the last few years but, fortuitously, my choices have been towards the wilder roses including various species - most of which will easily transplant into a woodland edge situation. My partner and offspring are hoping to embark on a green woodworking adventure and the eldest is planning to buy a longboat (a good solution to a housing crisis which shows no sign of abating in expensive Cambridge). So, after 15 years of stable gardening experience, it is all change to a new and frankly, quite terrifying, lifestyle in the woods. I am aiming to keep a journal of this move, including illustrations (which I can do) and photos (which prove tricky for me).
Oh yeah, I am 55, fairly competent, nicely upholstered (lost 2 stone last summer when I found it was getting difficult kneeling) and have just given up cigs (although much more reluctant to consider cannabis abstinence - I mean....I am a gardener, and C.sativa is a really interesting plant!

I live in: United States

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My Birthday is October 22 .

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