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It wasn’t an easy decision for Cameron Robertson to leave New Zealand to start a new life in Australia, but he did it because he was convinced that he would be able to create a fresher and better life with more potential somewhere away from the familiarity of home.

Fast forward 8 years later and Cameron has found himself with a young family and a lovely house where he barbecues every weekend and star gazes in his backyard with his kids. And on the work front? Cameron has found his niche too! Cameron currently holds the position of Manager and franchise-holder for the Supercheap Storage in Dee Why, New South Wales.

It’s a risk that well paid off for Cameron and he says that he’s happier than he’s ever been where he is now and life is good. He makes sure that he will continue to work hard in work and at home, and continue to make sure that he and his family lives the good life here in Australia.

Everyday Cameron gets up early to head to the Dee Why outlet in Sydney so he can get a head start on the operations at the storage facilities. There are a number of things that he has to do as the manager of the outlet, that includes handling extraneous events related to the storage service hire and rental from and by customers.

Because Supercheap storage is all about customers paying for only the services they’re received, we’ve got a lot of special scenarios that need handling every day. The most common of which are those who want to extend their contracts with Supercheap self storage Warriewood and those who’ve come across unfortunate situations where they need to cut their contracts short or perhaps to just take their items back. This could also be due to many reasons - delay at their new destination because of renovations, or the exact opposite where things have moved faster than expected.

It doesn’t matter at Supercheap Storage though, our managers like Cameron are equipped to help customers through any of these possible harrowing and stressful situations where they worry whether they can extend or shorten their hire of our mobile storage units.

Not to worry! For the customers that need to remove their items for whatever reasons, we want to make things as easy as possible for you and help you along your way. Just give us a heads-up so that we can settle the legalities and administration of the contract and make sure that we’ve arranged a convenient timeslot to deliver your mobile storage units back to your residence or office for unloading. It’s as simple as that, and we’ll even refund the amount of time that wasn’t used up as a gesture of goodwill.

At the same time, if you’re going to extend your contract then that’s done just as easily too! The longer you store with us, the better the price will be because we really hold our promise to you to be Super Cheap!

So with all the things that he handles on a daily basis, we know we’ve got a good man on the case with Cameron Robertson, and we’re sure you will think so too!

I live in: Australia

My Birthday is August 12 .

First registered on April 02, 2013 .