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I live in a basement apartment with four grow lights and 40
plants(currently). I have lived in a number of other places
and gardened in all of them. I spend a fair amount of my
web searce time on the Medscape materia medica, so if you
have problems understanding medical talk I can probably help you. I would like to learn more about traditional
Chinese medicine, and if someone out there would like to
talk about this I would love it. Most of my houseplants come from apartment dumpsters and have various problems
when I find them. If anyone has suggestions for getting
a plant to survive after its been in the cold too long I
would be grateful for the info. as that seems to be the
leading cause of death of the plants I find. I have a dry
sense of humor that takes some getting used to, so I think
the funny stories will have to wait.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Denver,CO

First registered on December 31, 2001 .