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I've been learning humility in the garden for about 30 years. My first garden was a packet of free dahlia seeds I put into bare dirt at the back of a parking lot. The neighbor told me coffee grounds would be good for it. I still remember how astonishing that was - had no idea then what was going on in the natural world.

The dear thing bloomed - just one huge waxy golden flower gracing that bleak spot. I've never forgotten how exotic and incredible it was. I talked to that Dahlia just like the Little Prince talked to his rose.

I stumbled across Rodale and the amazing story of compost - imagine turning garbage into rich, black soft fragrant soil, and then into big magical blooms! A miracle. I saw it happen before my eyes - a few years after the Dahlia experience, I turned a former garage site behind my college rooming house into a productive garden. I couldn't afford fertilizer or plants, so I learned to build rich soil and start plants from seed.

So it goes on from there, gardening in Minneapolis, Seattle, Spokane, Eugene, and Vashon Island, outside of Seattle. The only place I didn't have a garden was Tucson, and I regretted it greatly. I got a Seattle P-patch the first year they offered them, I believe, and now have a bigger spot on Vashon Island to fill with fragrance, food and beauty.

Finding the Gardenweb and all the nice, funny, informative, bright gardeners is another blessing of the garden.

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My favorite forum 1 is Fragrant Plants.

My favorite forum 2 is Northwestern Gardening.

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