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I took up gardening 2 years ago as a way to relieve stress and give myself quality time.
I am loving and enjoying this hobby. So far I have accomplished the following in my garden:
- got rid of the grass in my backyard
- planted 3 mexican evening primroses as groundcover (they grow prolifically!!!)
- planted 5 rose bushes (gold medal, and alot of pink & red varieties from Johnson&Perkins)
- planted 1 rose tree
- planted cosmos from seeds (seashells & regular variety) I like this plant, they reseed themselves!!!!
- planted snapdragons from seeds (I know these are annuals, but luckily we had a mild winter so mine were able to survive, and now I am enjoying them again for a second season!!!!)
- planted tulip bulbs (Angeliques) & crocuses & narcissus
- planted hyacinths (i don't know variety but color is purple & pink)
- planted million bells(calibrachoa) in a pot, (this died during the winter, but reseeded itself and now I have babies growing all over the place!!)
- planted Anemone sylvistris (white) & Anemone corona(syphilde)
- planted baby azaleas I got @ local Wal-mart for $1. (great buy!!!)
- planted firewitch dianthus (makes great groundcover also, leaves look like grass but has pretty pink flowers)
- 3 dozen oriental lilies (different varieties, including stargazer, my favorite)
- grew foxgloves from seeds (I threw 2 packets of seeds on the ground last year and only got 5 full grown plants out of it. The plants were scrawny last season, but so far this year they've tripled in size. I hope the flowers won't disappoint me!!!)
My disappointment last season were:
- gladiolas, they sprouted but then leaves turned yellow & died :-( also
- sweet william, the photos I've seen of this plant were beautiful but the ones that I sprouted were darn ugly!! It was a wasted effort, I pulled & killed the plants.

This season (spring 2002)I am experimenting with growing:
- delphiniums, rock cress, snow in summer, columbine, canterbury bells, - all from seeds.
- ranunculus, tiger lillies

I live in: United States

My zone is: 7MD

My Birthday is May 1 .

My favorite forum 1 is Cottage Garden.

My favorite forum 2 is Roses.

First registered on May 05, 2002 .